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Festival Experience Matsuri Night

Partake in a wonderful dinner while watching the Kaga Lion Dance, a main attraction of many Ishikawa festivals, at an authentic Kanazawa Machiya (traditional merchant’s house) that was built 95 years ago. The performance is as close to authentic as possible, with professional performers and the authentic lion head and tools that are normally only taken out during festivals, courtesy of the Kanazawa Ono area (port town) Kaga Lion Dance Preservation Association. The food will be local specialities such as Matsuri sushi (Pressed sushi that be eaten at festival) or Kaga vegetable tempura that are usually served at local festivals.

Organizer Kohaku Inc.View the plan list of this company
When 2022年4月9日
How long 1.5 hour
Where In Kanazawa House

Price:12,000 yen (tax included)

Plan details

Price(yen) 12,000 yen (tax included)
Date 2022年4月9日
Approximate time required 1.5 hour
Time 19:00-20:30
Where In Kanazawa House
〒920-0862 1-4-28 Housai, Kanazawa City
Meeting point In Kanazawa House
〒920-0862 1-4-28 Housai, Kanazawa City
Dismissing point In Kanazawa House
〒920-0862 1-4-28 Housai, Kanazawa City
Details <Time Table>
7:00pm-7:05pm Intro: explanation of Kanazawa’s festival culture and the Kaga Lion Dance

7:05pm-7:15pm Demonstration: a lion dance demonstration with explanation of the movements and the Ono area

7:15pm-7:50pm Workshop: Lion dance and musical performance
7:50pm-8:30pm Dinner: regional food
Capacity 15
Related website In Kanazawa House
Vendor name Kohaku Inc.
Adress 1-4-28 Hosai, Kanazawa city
Phone +81-80-5708-5610
Web site https://www.in-kanazawa.com/
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