Hello Kanazawa


Let's run comfortably while looking at the scenery of Kanazawa in the morning. Happy Morning Run

kanazawaST[tsuzumimon] 6:00 start
Shrine-Asano River-Flower Garden-Mt. Udatsu Observatory
Mt. Udatsu is a low mountain that you can run and climb.

Organizer Joyrun HOKURIKUView the plan list of this company
When Weekend (Saturdays and Sundays)
Time Reception 5:45 Start 6:00
Meet at Kanazawa ST [Tsuzumimon]

Price:1,500 yen (tax included) Price per adult (Free for children under 10 years old)


Let's run through the city.

kanazawaST[tsuzumimon] 6:00 start

Let's take a picture of a smile

Asano Riverside Let’s running!!!

The view from here is the best.

There is a flower garden nearby.
Let's see the flowers of the four seasons.

Plan details

Price(yen) 1,500 yen (tax included)
Date Weekend (Saturdays and Sundays)
Approximate time required 90minutes
Time Reception 5:45 Start 6:00
Meeting point Kanazawa ST [Tsuzumimon]
〒920-0858 石川県金沢市木ノ新保町1-1
Meeting time 5:45
Dismissing point Kanazawa ST [Tsuzumimon]
〒920-0858 1-1 kinoshinbo kanazawa-city
Dismissing time 7:30
Details kanazawaST[tsuzumimon] Reception 5:45 Start 6:00
Shrine-Asano River-Flower Garden-Mt. Udatsu Observatory.
Mt. Udatsu is a low mountain that you can run and climb.

I'll take a picture of you running and give it to you.

Please wear clothes that allow you to run.
Of course, please participate in running shoes.
Bring some water if necessary.
If it rains a little, let's run with an umbrella.
Of course, rainwear doesn't matter.
The decision will be made by 8 o'clock the night the day before.
price(yen) ¥1,500  (Free for children under 10 years old)
Qualifying age 8 or more
Capacity 10
Reservation due date We will close as soon as it becomes a capacity.
Cancellation Please send it to me by e-mail.
Vendor name Joyrun HOKURIKU
Adress 2-20-3 tsuchishimizu kanazawa-shi
Phone +81-90-4682-3456
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