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Recommended by local experts Top 5 Places for Cherry Blossom Viewing in Kanazawa
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Recommended by local expertsTop 5 Places for Cherry Blossom Viewing in Kanazawa

Local experts picked the top five places out of all the cherry blossom viewing spots in Kanazawa to tell you where you can find the best views in the city!

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Cherry blossoms

When is the best season to see cherry blossoms in Kanazawa?

Usually, cherry blossom season comes to Kanazawa a week later than Tokyo and Osaka, around the beginning of April every year. Around the “full bloom season”, Kenrokuen Garden is open to the public free of charge for a week. You can also enjoy cherry blossoms at night in the garden. The admission-free week will be announced when cherry blossoms start blooming. Please expect heavy traffic around the garden during this season, with many locals and tourists gathering in this area. This includes buses as well, so coming on foot is recommended.


Cherry blossoms by a meandering stream in Kenrokuen

View Kenrokuen Garden from “Ushitora-yagura”

<#1> First let’s start with the classic, Kenrokuen Garden.

Kenrokuen Garden has been selected as one of the top 100 cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan, and without a doubt, it is the most popular place during this season in Ishikawa Prefecture. There are about 420 cherry trees of varying kinds in the garden.
Local experts recommend the view from the café street (Chamisedori St.) by the Katsuraguchi entrance. You can see the beautiful Ishikawamon Gate of Kanazawa Castle over the cherry blossoms. How about trying a “Hanami Dango” (a sweet, sticky rice treat which people enjoy during the cherry blossom season) while enjoying the view from a chair outside of a café? Or, go to the second floor of a café to see cherry blossoms right in front of your face.
Even if you miss the full bloom of the Somei Yoshino Cherry (the most common cherry tree in Japan), you can still enjoy the “Kenrokuen Kumagai Cherry” with stronger pink pedals, the “Asahi Sakura” with white petals, and the “Kenrokuen Chrysanthemum Cherry” with double petals.


Ishikawamon Gate over cherry blossoms

Kanazawa Castle

Inner moat at Kanazawa Castle Park

Kanazawa Castle and cherry blossoms at night

<#2> Kanazawa Castle Park gives you many different views of cherry blossoms.

In Kanazawa Castle Park next to Kenrokuen Garden, “Ushitora-yagura” is a little-known but great spot overlooking the garden surrounded by cherry blossoms. Not many people know this spot, but it makes you feel like a samurai lord gracefully enjoying the cherry blossoms. After sunset, the cherry blossoms reflecting on the water of the inner moat make for perfect Instagram pictures. Kanazawa Castle is also known for its beautiful stone walls. From the Shiinoki Cultural Complex by the castle, the view of the cherry trees along the stone wall is like a beautiful picture in a museum.


Cherry blossoms by the Asano River

Cherry blossoms in Kazue-machi

<#3> Enjoy cherry blossoms with the sound of the Asano River in the background.

Another popular spot is in Higashi Chaya District and Kazue-machi Chaya District where you can enjoy cherry blossoms by the Asano River. The water there is quiet so the Asano River is also known as “Onnagawa” which means “female-river”. From “Umeno-hashi Bridge” and “Nakano-hashi Bridge”, you can see the cherry blossoms along the river. When it is nice out, try taking a little walk and enjoy the sounds. If you are lucky, you might be able to see a flurry of cherry blossom petals, just like in a movie.


Cherry blossoms along the Sai River

Sai River

<#4> Let’s go on a picnic with beautiful cherry blossom views by the Sai River.

Saisei Muro, a legendary Japanese writer, dearly loved the Sai River. The path between the Saigawa Ohashi Bridge near the city center and the Sakurabashi Bridge is called “Saisei’s walkway”. Cherry blossoms going over the path and the weeping cherry trees by the Sakurabashi will take your breath away. Compared with other cities, Kanazawa locals do not party under the sky that much. But by this river, you can find some groups of people enjoying a picnic with lunch boxes and snacks. Who can say no to that?


Broad view of the city from Mt. Utatsu

Cityscape through cherry blossoms

Cherry forest in Mt. Utatsu

<#5> Extend your visit to Mt. Utatsu.

The blooming season comes a bit late to the cherry forest on Mt. Utatsu not so far from the city center. About 250 cherry trees bloom beautifully in the valley. In 1982, this forest was created to celebrate the 400-year anniversary of Lord Toshiie Maeda entering Kanazawa Castle. This place is not famous and is a bit of a distance from the city center, so it can only be reached with a car or taxi. But you shouldn't give it a miss, especially considering how happy you'll feel when you're surrounded by these beautiful cherry blossoms.

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