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The most efficient way to get around the city Kanazawa Loop Bus & JR Bus
Enjoy free time in KANAZAWA

The most efficient way to get around the cityKanazawa Loop Bus & JR Bus

Do you find it difficult to use local buses in a city that you’re visiting for the first time? Here, I will introduce some useful bus lines for tourists which connect to major sights like Higashi Chaya District, Omicho Market, Kenrokuen Garden and the 21st Century Museum. By using a Kanazawa City One-Day Bus Pass, I hope you will get the most out of the city!

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Information Center at the east bus terminal of Kanazawa Station

Omicho Market bus stop for Kanazawa Loop Bus

Kanazawa Loop Bus

Kanazawa Loop Bus

There are two lines for the Kanazawa Loop Bus, the Right Loop Line and the Left Loop Line. Both depart from Kanazawa Station at the East Gate from Terminal #6 every 15 minutes, and go around major tourist sights in about 40 minutes. They will make your trip much easier by allowing you to visit all your destinations.
---Major Sights of Interests on the Right Loop Route---
Kanazawa Station East Gate -> Higashi and Kazue-machi Chaya Districts -> Kenrokuen Garden and Kanazawa Castle Park -> 21st Century Museum -> Nishi Chaya District and Ninja Temple -> Nagamachi Samurai District -> Oyama Shrine -> Omicho Market -> Kanazawa Station East Gate
*The Left Loop route is the other way around of the route above.

Terminal# at Kanazawa Station: East Gate Terminal #6
Fare: 200 yen per ride *Cannot use nation-wide transportation IC cards.
Schedule: Every 15 minutes between 8:30am and 6:00pm


JR Bus with blue body color

JR Bus with swallow on the body

West Japan JR Bus for Prepaid Transportation Card Holders

The JR Bus (with the blue body) runs on a few routes through Kanazawa. You can pay the fare with a prepaid transportation card such as Suica, Icoca, and Pasmo. From the East Gate Bus Terminal #5 at Kanazawa Station, you can find about six buses in an hour that go to Omicho Market, Kanazawa 21st Century Museum, Kenrokuen Garden and Higashi Chaya District.
---Major Sights of Interests on JR Bus Route---
Kanazawa Station -> Omicho Market -> Oyama Shrine -> Naga-machi Buke Yashiki District -> 21st Century Museum -> Kenrokuen Garden and Kanazawa Castle Park -> Higashi Chaya District

Terminal# at Kanazawa Station: East Gate Terminal #5
Fare: From 200 yen per ride *Nation-wide transportation IC cards accepted.
Schedule: First bus departs at 6:20am, Last bus departs at 9:00pm. Check the time table here.


Bus information screen at the east gate exit

Take a numbered ticket from this machine when you get on

Bus Fare and How to Use

You can get on the bus at the back door and get off at the front. The fare should be paid when you get off, and it goes into the box next to the driver. When you get on a local line, you must take a numbered ticket per person (showing the bus stop number you got on) from a ticket machine at the door. The numbered ticket goes with the fare into the box next to the driver when you get off. (On the Loop Buses, there is no ticket machine so this does not apply.) You still need a numbered ticket even if you have a 1-day bus pass. The screen by the front door shows the coming-up bus stop and the fares. The children's fare (for elementary school students or younger) is half price. There is no change for fares. Please use the exchange machine next to the fare box to break 1000yen bill, 500yen coin, 100yen coin, and 50yen coin. You cannot break bigger bills.


“ Kanazawa City Bus One Day Pass”

Bus Maps

Great Value! "Kanazawa City One Day Bus Pass"

You can purchase a One Day Bus Pass at Kanazawa Station Tourist Information Center, Kanazawa Station Bus Terminal Information Center, and hotels in the city. It is 600 yen per adult and 300 yen per child. Please note that you cannot purchase one on the bus so you must purchase it in advance. With this pass, you can ride not only the busses listed above, but also local lines within the valid area. It's very simple to use! Get on a bus from the back door and show the dated side of the pass to the driver when you get off.Check out the route map that you received when you purchased the pass. You can find the timetables of the three bus lines and a map with all the bus stops on it, so it is useful for deciding where to go next and for finding the closest bus stop for your destination! You'll also receive discounts on admission fees for 28 facilities in the city such as the 21st century museum if you show the pass.

KANAZAWA LOOP BUS official site

Recommended plan list12 plans

  • Kanazawa Light-up Bus
    Tour no.43 A stroll through twinkly lit-up Kanazawa Kanazawa Light-up Bus

    300yen (tax included)Adult per ride Child 150 yen 

  • Reservation possible on the day Reservation required
    【3-minute walk from Higashi Chaya Street】Gold Leaf Embellishment Experience.
    Workshop no.117 You can experience if there are seats available! 【Kinpakuya Sakuda】 【3-minute walk from Higashi Chaya Street】Gold Leaf Embellishment Experience.

    700yen (tax included)~Prices start from 700 yen (including tax + materials cost).

  • Reservation possible on the day
    Let's Enjoy Calligraphy !
    Workshop no.818 at traditional house Let's Enjoy Calligraphy !

    1,800yen (tax included)1 fan (with tea and sweets )

  • Reservation possible on the day Reservation required
    Workshop no.76 Kanazawa-Mizuhiki Workshop KINPU MAKING

    3,300yen (tax included)per item

  • Reservation required
    Kanazawa Food Tour
    Tour no.144 Explore Kanazawa Kanazawa Food Tour

    8,000yen (tax included)※Lunch, guide fee

  • Night Run Kanazawa
    Event no.77 Let's go sightseeing in Kanazawa at night! Night Run Kanazawa

    1,500yen (tax included)It is the price of one adult.(Free for children under 11 years old)

  • Reservation required
    Kaga Yuzen and Nature
    Tour no.80 Experience the connection between nature and authentic dyeing technique of Kana Kaga Yuzen and Nature

    15,000yen (tax included)The price includes insurance, tea and snacks.

  • Reservation required
    Omicho Market Tour & Cooking
    Workshop no.65 A Unique Experience Omicho Market Tour & Cooking

    6,300yen (tax included)Children aged 7-12 : 3,000 Yen

  • Kanazawa Family Cuisine Cooking
    Workshop no.66 Authentic Kanazawa Meal Kanazawa Family Cuisine Cooking

    5,500yen (tax included)aged 6 under will be free

  • Temari-Sushi Making
    Workshop no.67 The Kanazawa Way Temari-Sushi Making

    5,500yen (tax included)

  • Calligraphy art work shop Shinsen Art
    Workshop no.24 Let’s enjoy mindfulness! Calligraphy art work shop Shinsen Art

    2,200yen (tax included)

  • Workshop at temple + Matcha/Calligraphy
    Workshop no.28 Let's Enjoy Mindfulness! Workshop at temple + Matcha/Calligraphy

    4,000yen (tax included)

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