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Extend your stay for one more day! Perfect Day Trip Destinations from Kanazawa
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Extend your stay for one more day!Perfect Day Trip Destinations from Kanazawa

If you are visiting Kanazawa, why don’t you extend your stay for one more day and do a quick day trip to another city? I will show you some popular day trip destinations from Kanazawa! You will be surprised how many fascinating choices you have such as Shirakawago and Noto! It is easy to go by car, but there are bus tours for people who cannot drive in Japan.

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Mitsuke-jima Island

Chirihama Nagisa Driveway

Notojima Aquarium

Kiriko Festival

Looking for beautiful ocean scenery? Visit Noto!

The Noto Peninsula has “Satoyama” (mountains and woods) and “Satoumi” (ocean and shore), and “Noto’s Satoyama and Satoumi” was designated as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS). From JR Wakura-onsen Station, you can take a bus to reach “Wakura-onsen Hotspring” facing the quiet Nanao Bay and the “Notojima Aquarium”, where you can join a dolphin interaction program. To get to the Okunoto area (which includes Wajima and Suzu), taking an express bus from Kanazawa Station is recommended. If you have a car, the route which connects the “Chirihama Nagisa Driveway” (where you can drive on the shore right by the water) and “Noto Kongo” (a coastline carved out by the rough waves of the ocean) is a good scenic drive, especially at sunset.


Hot Spring

Kutani Ceramics

Kawadoko in Yamanaka

Natadera Temple

The Kaga area is a hot spring paradise!

The Kaga area is famous for four hot spring towns called “Kaga Yonto”, which consists of Awazu, Katayamazu, Yamashiro and Yamanaka. Each town has a communal bath called “Soyu”, and it is a must-visit place if you are in town. This area has also been known for Kutani ceramics, which is one of the traditional crafts in Ishikawa Prefecture. There are museums, potteries, and shops where you can join coloring workshops. From JR Kaga-Onsen Station, a useful bus line called “CANBUS” connects some sights of interests in Kaga city and Komatsu city.


Shirayama Hime Shrine

Shishiku Hill

Yokomachi Urara Center

Cleanse your soul at the head shrine of Hakusan and Shirayama shrines

A 30 minute ride on a local train from Nomachi station near the city center takes you to Tsurugi Station, the last stop on the line. There is a bus to the Shirayama Hime Shrine, but on the way to the shrine, there are many interesting shops, including a sake brewery, a koji (malted rice) shop, and a hardware shop, so walking there is also recommended (about 30 minutes on foot). Other places to visit in the area include the “Ishikawa Insect Museum” where tons of butterflies fly throughout the year, “Kinkengu”, which is known for bringing good fortune with money, and “Jumoku Park”, where you can enjoy the scenic view of a mountain range in each of the four seasons.



The view from Shirakawago observation deck

Gassho-style house in winter

Hida Takayama


Finding good and old Japan at a world cultural heritage site in Gokayama and Shirakawago

If you like old townscapes and buildings, visiting three traditional style villages which were registered as World Cultural Heritage Sites is recommended. Kanazawa and Gokayama or Shirakawago are closer than you would think. To Gokayama, it takes only about an hour by highway bus from Kanazawa Station. Getting to Shirakawago takes about an hour and fifteen minutes. Ogimachi Village, which Shirakawago is known for, is the biggest village of all. The view from the observation deck is magnificent. The other two villages are in Gokayama, and are not as big as Shirakawago, but you can feel more of the good and old atmosphere.




Dinosaur Museum

Popular sights of interests in our neighboring prefecture of Fukui

In our neighboring prefecture of Fukui, popular sights of interests include Eiheiji (the main temple of the Soto school of Zen Buddhism), a high cliff facing the ocean called "Tojinbo", and the "Fukui Dinosaur Museum”, one of the three biggest dinosaur museums in the world. To get to Tojinbo, take a bus from JR Awara-onsen Station. To Eiheiji, take a bus from JR Fukui Station. It takes about an hour and a half from Kanazawa Station. To get to the Fukui Dinosaur Museum, take a train and a bus from Fukui Station. It takes about two hours from Kanazawa. If you have a car, you can visit all of three in a day.

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