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Crafts, gourmet, traditional culture and more! Must-have experiences in Kanazawa
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Crafts, gourmet, traditional culture and more!Must-have experiences in Kanazawa

Kanazawa is a castle town located on the Japan Sea coast. Because it has never been damaged by any wars or natural disasters, many old townscapes and cultural assets still remain. The city flourished during the Edo Period, and since then cultural activities have been very popular. Residents enjoy tea ceremony and Noh theater, and are known for their gourmet culinary senses. During your stay in Kanazawa, be sure to experience the city's beautiful townscapes, traditional culture, traditional crafts, and food culture.

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Higashi Chaya District

Nagamachi Samurai District

Kazue-machi Chaya District

Higashi Chaya District

How about a stroll around historical towns dressed in a kimono?

Kanazawa has many features that make it a good place to take photos. These include its abundant nature, three chaya districts (Higashi Chaya District, Nishi Chaya District, and Kazue-machi Chaya District) , Nagamachi Samurai District, Kenrokuen Garden, and Kanazawa Castle. If you rent a kimono, you will be able to take very Japanese-like photos for a great memory of your trip. If it's hot out, you can wear a yukata (summer kimono), and if it's cold, a shawl is available. You can enjoy a stroll wearing Kimono in any weather for all seasons!


Gold leaf decoration


Ceramic coloring

Mizuhiki paper string knitting

Kaga Yuzen coloring

Kaga Zogan metal inlaying

Join workshops for various traditional crafts!

You really have to try your hand at traditional crafts in order to understand the complex processes and precise techniques required to make them. Your conversations with the artisans and store staff as well as the items you craft will become treasured keepsakes from your trip.
The most popular craft workshops include gold leaf application, Kutani porcelain ware, mizuhiki string decorations, Kaga yuzen dyeing and Kaga metal inlay.


Tea ceremony

Matcha green tea with traditional confection

Incense-smelling ceremony

Flower arrangement

Traditional music

Noh mask and costume

Experience the Japanese spirit through a tea ceremony, an incense-smelling ceremony or calligraphy.

In Kanazawa there are many people who practice traditional forms of entertainment such as Japanese music, tea ceremony and flower arrangement. Refined traditions are still alive in the citizens'lives. There are many places where you can experience these types of performing arts and cultural activities. Feel free to drop by a tea ceremony demonstration, or to enjoy various scents at a traditional incense-smelling ceremony. You can also experience trying on a Noh mask or a Noh costume at Kanazawa Noh Museum. Opportunities to experience Kanazawa's refined culture are abundant.



Fermented foods

Kaga cuisine


Japanese sweets

Local food cooking class

Wagashi confection making class

Indulge yourself with delicious local cuisine.

Kanazawa is blessed with ingredients from the sea and the mountains, and the city is famous for its sophisticated food culture.
Kanazawa's cuisine not only contains fresh ingredients, but also uses refined seasonings and presentation.
Kanazawa's sushi, fermented foods, and Japanese sweets are popular. In addition to enjoying the food, how about taking a cooking class?

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