We have been making fermented food since 1875. But we also have relation with Samurai culture from our family roots. You can feel the fusion of culture here!

主催事業者名Organizer 株式会社四十萬谷本舗 この事業者のプラン一覧を見る
実施日When everyday (first Sundays, year-end, year-beginning is excluded.)
※ Please contact us about detail.
所要時間How long about 30 min
実施場所Where shijimaya-honpo

料金:2,200 円 (税込) tax included


Appreciation of Japanese Swords

Shijimaya-honpo has 5 Japanese swords which has been inherited over generations. They are not only for Samurai but also more familiar with our life. You can have a look and explanation of the swords.

Dressing like Samurai

You can wear iai-hakama like Samurai, and take pictures with holding Japanese swords(imitation).

【Optional Course】Healthy Lunch including Fermented Foods

We would prepare the lunch using our products(fermented food) and seasonal vegetables. Menu for vegetarian is available!


料金price(yen) 2,200円 (税込) tax included
実施日Date everyday (first Sundays, year-end, year-beginning is excluded.)
※ Please contact us about detail.
所要時間Approximate time required about 30 min
実施場所Where shijimaya-honpo
〒921-8541 1-17-28 Yayoi Kanazawa Ishikawa
詳細内容Details ◆Japanese Swords Guide (30 min, JPY 2200)
We would have a look and explain of the 5 swords.
If you like you can wear iai-hakama like samurai and imitation swords.
1 drink service.

【Optional Course】
◆Healthy lunch including fermented foods
(+ 60 min, + JPY 2200)

※ If you like optional course, please reserve 1 week before.
対象年齢Qualifying age 不問
体験受付可能時間Operation hour 8:00-17:00
予約締切Reservation due date Please contact us before by telephone or e-mail
(※ optional course 1 week before)
email: shijimaya@kabura.jp
キャンセルの場合Cancellation Please inform us in case of cancellation.
関連サイトRelated website shijimaya-honpo
事業者名Vendor name 株式会社四十萬谷本舗
住所Adress 石川県金沢市弥生1-17-28
電話番号Phone 0120-41-4173
電話受付可能時間Open hours 8:00~17:00(日曜休)
FAX番号Fax 0120-86-4408
WebサイトWebsite https://www.kabura.jp/
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