Why don't you stroll Kanazawa in full silk kimono for one day? You'll be transformed into kimono in 45mins. We have everything you need to go out with!

主催事業者名Organizer 心結 この事業者のプラン一覧を見る
実施日When ALL DAY
所要時間How long 45mins
実施場所Where 心結 Kokoyui

料金:6,600 円 (税込) 1人 per lady


kimono in kazuemachi

Kimono was used as a daily clothes several decades ago, therefore wearing kimono is not uncomfortable when walking or eating. Just enjoy yourself as you wish!

Unique rental store in the town with authentic silk and Kaga Yuzen kimonos

If you are in Kanazawa for few days and wish to have a real kimono experience, this store is THE perfect place to visit.
The staff members are welcoming and will assist you in each process. We will give you advises on matching your kimono and kimono accessories, and assist you to get dressed in the real Japanese way.
For those who look for the authentic silk kimonos and traditional Kaga Yuzen kimonos, this is the only store in the town that you can rent.
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お店からのコメントMessage from the vendor

I love Kanazawa's historical buildings, parks and the cityscapes. I would like those who came to this town to have a Japanese-style experience. As Kanazawa is a city that adheres to "traditional crafts", kimono rental is a full-fledged silk kimono. There are also Kaga Yuzen kimono.

Haruka Koshida
Haruka Koshida


料金price(yen) 6,600円 (税込) 1人 per lady
実施日Date ALL DAY
所要時間Approximate time required 45mins
実施場所Where 心結 Kokoyui
〒920-0853 石川県金沢市本町1-3-39
詳細内容Details Enjoy a memorable day in Kanazawa, the perfect place to wear kimono. After selecting your preferred kimono, we will do up your hair and get you dressed in about 45 minutes, and after that, the day is yours to spend in Kanazawa.
対象年齢Qualifying age 3歳~(お子様には保護者同伴必須)
体験受付可能時間Operation hour 9:00~16:00
アクセス方法Visiting the Place 金沢駅兼六園口(東口)から徒歩約5分。
5-min,walk from Kanazawa Station Kenroku gate.
関連サイトRelated website Kokoyui WEB
事業者名Vendor name 心結
住所Adress 石川県金沢市本町1-3-39
電話番号Phone 076-221-7799
電話受付可能時間Open hours 9:30~18:00
FAX番号Fax 076-225-8989
WebサイトWebsite http://www.kokoyui.com/
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