Eat your way through history with a private cooking class in Kanazawa, a city famous for their unbelievable snow crab, locally grown fresh produce, and more.

主催事業者名Organizer 株式会社こはく Kohaku Inc. この事業者のプラン一覧を見る
実施日When 16th, 23rd and 24th Nov
所要時間How long 2.5 Hours
<Time schedule>
Market Tour:10:00-10:45
Move to cooking room : 10:45-11:00
Hands on cooking:11:00-12:15
実施場所Where Omicho Market
In Kanazawa House

料金:9,850 円 (税込)


"Snot Crab" Must to eat at winter in Kanazawa

The winter seafood champion in Kanazawa would have to be snow crab which is only available during winter. WHen you visit to Kanazawa at winter, you mush try it!

Female snow crab, called kobako-gani, are a gem among Kanazawa winter delicacies, literally! Kobako means “little jewel box.” As the name indicates, it is filled with beautiful and delicious eggs.Boiling them and eating the eggs, innards and meat all together is a great way to enjoy kobako, but it can also be cooked with rice or stuffed in the shell and served in a soup dish like oden.

Japanese style unique Kichen at Kanazawa authentic townhouse

Our kichen stadio was ex-dyning facoty which was built more than 90 years ago. It is filled with Kanazawa history and culture.

Hands-on Cooking

Our resident IN KANAZAWA HOUSE cooking expert has created this experience to teach you the wonders of Kanazawa through its unique food culture.


料金price(yen) 9,850円 (税込)
実施日Date 16th, 23rd and 24th Nov
所要時間Approximate time required 2.5 Hours
<Time schedule>
Market Tour:10:00-10:45
Move to cooking room : 10:45-11:00
Hands on cooking:11:00-12:15
実施場所Where Omicho Market
〒920-0905 50 Kamiomicho Kanazawa

In Kanazawa House
〒920-0862 4-28 Hosai 1 chome Kanazawa city
詳細内容Details We’ll start our journey at Omicho Market -- the hub of Kanazawa’s food culture. Here, we’ll explore the stalls and wind our way through the bustling crowds to seek out the best in-season ingredients.
Learn how to spot the freshest ingredients, shop where local chefs and restaurateurs shop, and choose fresh seafood and vegetables that we’ll use during our cooking class.Once we’ve chosen our ingredients, we’ll head to the kitchen which is in a traditional machiya house that is filled with history.

After we have cooked, all there is left to do is to eat a delicious home-cooked Kanazawa meal including winter seafood champion "Snow Crab" in Kanazawa.Taste what you have learned, and relax and enjoy what you have created. Our resident In Kanazawa House cooking expert Naoko will also prepare several other dishes, which showcase other Kanazawa local favorites. The lunch meal is enough to fuel you for an entire day of sightseeing! You’ll leave having learned a little more about Kanazawa, and definitely wanting to come back to this seaside city again.Dishes will vary by season, and available ingredients. meal (cooking class) will include: Snow Crab Pot, Boild Crab, Rice, Traditional Kanazawa Dish, Dessert.
対象年齢Qualifying age None (Guests aged 6 and under will be free of charge)
体験受付可能時間Operation hour The day 12:00 before Requested day
アクセス方法Visiting the Place <To Omicho Market>
10 Mins on foot from Kanazawa station
定員Capacity 10
キャンセルの場合Cancellation キャンセルの場合は必ずご連絡下さい。
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備考note This experience is limited and special experience which is different from time, menu and price on website.
事業者名Vendor name 株式会社こはく Kohaku Inc.
住所Adress 金沢市本町2丁目2-15-1 3F
電話番号Phone 080-5708-5610

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