Special 1-Time Tour on November 24, 2019
Experience the entertainment, traditions, hobbies, and foods that made up the samurai lifestyle.

主催事業者名Organizer 金沢アドベンチャーズ Kanazawa Adventures この事業者のプラン一覧を見る
実施日When November 24, 2019 (Sun) The itinerary may change due to bad weather
所要時間How long 6 hours
集合場所Meet at Kanazawa Station West Entrance

料金:20,000 円 (税込) One adult fee (no child fee))


Kanazawa Noh Museum Tour of Museum and Noh Acting, Singing, and Dancing Performances

Inspired by the musical traditions learned by Japanese Buddhism scholars when they travelled to China, the sounds and dances of local Japanese harvest festivals were merged with Chinese court music to create Noh in the 14th century. This ancient art flourished in Kanazawa thanks to the patronage of the Maeda family, the feudal heads of this Kaga domain from the late 16th century until 1868. Designated a Protected Art and Cultural Heritage, Mr. Yabu and Ms. Matsuda are leading Noh performers and teachers.

Kanazawa Castle Park
Enjoy the Sport of Kings

This is a rare chance to see falconry displayed on the original Kanazawa Castle grounds. The Austringer will fly his majestic eagles, just as they were flown in the same spot centuries before. The combination of falcons flying amidst the backdrop of the more-than-400-year-old castle fortifications and buttresses will make your photos unforgettable.

Shoseian Tea Ceremony House
Finish the tour as a samurai would have paused during his busy day

Enjoy a tea ceremony hosted by Omote Senke Master Chiyo in this beautiful and serene setting. Your samurai afternoon will be complete with a traditional Kanazawa sweet, especially handcrafted for the tea ceremony by the famous confectioner Yoshihashi. As you enjoy conversation
facilitated by the host, the matcha will be prepared in this simply-decorated room, which was especially crafted for the tea ceremony, and designed to express the humility of the host. Did you know the tradition is to not wear jewellery when attending a tea ceremony? Ostentation is frowned upon; the tea ceremony’s essence lies in bringing people together for interesting conversation.

While savouring the tea and moment, imagine the lifestyle of three hundred years ago in a city built with samurai spirit and culturally-defined by the artistic aspirations of the same warrior class.


料金price(yen) 20,000円 (税込) One adult fee (no child fee))
実施日Date November 24, 2019 (Sun) The itinerary may change due to bad weather
所要時間Approximate time required 6 hours
集合場所Meeting point Kanazawa Station West Entrance
〒920-0858 1-1 Shinbocho, Kanazawa-shi
集合時間Meeting time 9:45
解散場所Dismissing point Shoseian
〒920-0864 10-25 Takaoka-cho, Kanazawa
解散時間Dismissing time 16:00
詳細内容Details 9:45 Meet at Kanazawa Station West Entrance
10:00 Depart by bus
    Travel by bus 
Kanazawa Noh Museum visit experience HosyouRyu Noh Close visit to dance and song by Mr. Tsuji and Ms. Matsuda
    Travel by bus  
Kanazawa's specialty pickles Explanation of swords owned by Shijimaya Honpo
A special lunch homemade gelato with fermented foods。
You can also enjoy shopping by having lunch early
    Travel by bus
At Kanazawa Castle Park Shinmaru Square,Falconer experience, hawk bird visit Hand-riding experience that you can not usually experience, etc. Photography is also OK
 Travel by bus and walk
Tea ceremony by the teacher of the Omotesen family(Have sweets and tea)The sweets are beautiful Kamizawa famous Japanese sweets   
16:00 Local dissolution (10-25 Takaoka-cho, Kanazawa)
対象年齢Qualifying age Unquestioned
定員Capacity 25 people
予約締切Reservation due date 11/14/2019 (However, it will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.)
キャンセルの場合Cancellation Cancellation fee is as follows: Free up to 5 days before the scheduled tour date50% up to 4 days before the scheduled tour date 100% cancellation fee will be charged if there is no contact within 3 days before the scheduled tour date
関連サイトRelated website Discover your KANAZAWA ADVENTURES
事業者名Vendor name 金沢アドベンチャーズ Kanazawa Adventures
住所Adress 金沢市長田2-4-8
電話番号Phone 076-214-4545
電話受付可能時間Open hours 9:00~17:00
FAX番号Fax 076-263-6318
WebサイトWebsite https://kanazawaadventures.com/ja/

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