Traditional Japanese tea ceremony experience 
with wearing a beautiful high quality kimono
Drinking matcha green tea and eat Japanese sweets and learn manner.

主催事業者名Organizer 町屋塾 この事業者のプラン一覧を見る
実施日When every day excect Sunday, Monday (book before 3days )
所要時間How long about 80~90min.
実施場所Where Machiyajuku

料金:6,000 円 (税込) green tea, sweet, kimono


Cultual experience

Traditional Japanese tea ceremony experience with the combination of kimono wearing, zen, simplicity, Japanese green tea and Japanese sweets

The five sensory pleasures

The pleasures of watching the tea utensils, the taste of the tea and sweet, the smell of incense, the sound of boiled water, the movement of the host...

Wearing a beautiful high quality kimono

We wear you the high quality Kimono and you take tea ceremony

お店からのコメントMessage from the vendor

Please relax and enjoy tea ceremony and learn Japanese culture.

Chika Utsunomiya
Chika Utsunomiya owner


料金price(yen) 6,000円 (税込) green tea, sweet, kimono
実施日Date every day excect Sunday, Monday (book before 3days )
所要時間Approximate time required about 80~90min.
実施場所Where Machiyajuku
〒920-0831 石川県金沢市東山1-34-6
詳細内容Details An introduction to the Japanese tea ceremony and manner
by a friendly tea master by simple English.

Wearing Kimono
Drinking green matcha(powdered thin tea) and eating Japanese sweets

対象年齢Qualifying age all age
体験受付可能時間Operation hour 12:00-19:00
予約締切Reservation due date 3days before
キャンセルの場合Cancellation 1day before 50%、a day100%
関連サイトRelated website machiyajuku
事業者名Vendor name 町屋塾
住所Adress 石川県金沢市東山1-34-6
電話番号Phone 076-252-3176
電話受付可能時間Open hours 10:00~20:00(木曜休)
FAX番号Fax 076-252-3176
WebサイトWebsite http://www.machiyajuku.com/
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