Enjoy a gold leaf embellishment workshop and a tea ceremony in the evening at Kanazawa’s famous Higashi Chaya District! (This is an English guided tour.)

主催事業者名 (一社)金沢市観光協会 この事業者のプラン一覧を見る
実施日 Date: 2019/1/17 (Thu.), 1/24 (Thu.), 2/14 (Thu.), and 2/21 (Thu.)
開催時間 Time: 17:00~19:15
実施場所 (January 17th) - Gold Leaf Sakuda
(January 24th) - Kanazawa Katani
(February 14th) - Hakuza Hikarigura
(February 21st) - Hakuichi Bikazari Asano
(Tea Ceremony) - Machiya-Juku

料金:3,000 円 (税込)

プランのポイントplan point

"Kinpaku (Gold Leaf)", a Traditional Craft in Kanazawa

<About Gold Leaf>
A gold leaf is made by beating gold into an extremely thin sheet with a thickness of 0.1 to 0.125 millionths of a meter. It is so thin that it will disappear when you rub it with your fingers. Gold leaf is used for handicrafts, such as vessels and ornaments, as well as the decoration of temples, shrines, Buddhist altars, and Buddhist instruments.

<Gold Leaf in Kanazawa>
Presently, Kanazawa produces 99% of domestic gold leaf and 100% of domestic silver leaf and platinum leaf. These products generically called "Kanazawa haku" are Japan's designated traditional handicrafts.

"Cha-no-yu (Tea Ceremony)", a Traditional Culture in Kanazawa

Cha-no-yu (tea ceremony)is considered to have started in the Muromachi period (1336-1573). Historically, tea ceremonies were utilized as a symbol of samurai warriors’ power and prestige. They also served as a place to entertain their guests.

<Tea Culture in Kanazawa>
In Kanazawa today, many people enjoy tea ceremony, taking lessons from tea masters of the Urasenke, Enshu and Sowa schools of tea ceremony. At historic buildings and gardens, various tea ceremonies are held all through the year.

プラン詳細plan details

料金 3,000円 (税込)
実施日 Date: 2019/1/17 (Thu.), 1/24 (Thu.), 2/14 (Thu.), and 2/21 (Thu.)
開催時間 Time: 17:00~19:15
実施場所 (January 17th) - Gold Leaf Sakuda
〒920-0831 1 Chome-3-27 Higashiyama, Kanazawa, Ishikawa

(January 24th) - Kanazawa Katani
〒920-0910 6-33 Shimoshincho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa

(February 14th) - Hakuza Hikarigura
〒920-0831 1 Chome 13-18 Higashiyama, Kanazawa, Ishikawa

(February 21st) - Hakuichi Bikazari Asano
〒920-0831 1 Chome 8-3 Higashiyama, Kanazawa, Ishikawa

(Tea Ceremony) - Machiya-Juku
〒920-0831 1 Chome-34-6 Higashiyama, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
詳細内容 Craft workshops and tea ceremonies are normally held only in the daytime, but this is a special event where you can enjoy them at night!

At the gold leaf embellishment workshop, you will try designing your original souvenior with using stencils and gold leaf. This hands-on activity has become a must-try experience in Kanazawa. Come experience and enjoy the traditional culture of Kanazawa!

After challenging your creativity, you will attend a tea ceremony at Machiya-Juku. Take a moment to quiet your heart while enjoying the green tea at this unique night tea ceremony.

< Itinerary >
17:00 – 18:00 Gold Leaf Embellishment Workshop
(Place: One of the studios on the list)
↓Walk to the next venue
18:15 – 19:15 Tea Ceremony (Place: Machiya-Juku)
集合場所 Where: Meet at the assigned gold leaf embellishment studio (which depends on the event day)
定員 Capacity: up to 20 people
関連サイト Reservation Form
事業者名 (一社)金沢市観光協会
住所 石川県金沢市木ノ新保町1-1 JR金沢駅構内
電話番号 076-232-5555
電話受付可能時間 平日 9:00~17:45
FAX番号 076-232-1170
Webサイト http://www.kanazawa-kankoukyoukai.or.jp/


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