Let't enjoy a calligraphy workshop!
Select a word you like and write on a Japanese fan.
You can take the completed work a special souvenir back home with you.

主催事業者名Organizer 蒼風庵 この事業者のプラン一覧を見る
実施日When Irregular holidays
不定休 Please send e-mail or call us

所要時間How long 1 hour
実施場所Where 蒼風庵 Sofuan

料金:1,800 円 (税込) 1 fan (with tea and sweets )


【Calligraphy tools】

You can use all the tools you need.
Ink, brush, stone, paper, paperweight and desk pad.
Please choose either sensu(foldable fan) or uchiwa(not foldable fan)
Enjoy this experience easily.

【Kanazawa Machiya】a traditional private house in Kanazawa

Sofuan was built about 90 years ago.There are tatami rooms and small Japanese garden.
It is near Ozaki shrine,Omicho-Market and Kenrokuen-Garden.
Let's do it between sightseeing in Kanazawa.

お店からのコメントMessage from the vendor

Let's enjoy calligraphy with me !
I am waiting for you at Sofuan a traditional Japanese house.

Kazuyo Fujita
Kazuyo Fujita Calligraphy teacher


料金price(yen) 1,800円 (税込) 1 fan (with tea and sweets )
実施日Date Irregular holidays
不定休 Please send e-mail or call us

所要時間Approximate time required 1 hour
実施場所Where 蒼風庵 Sofuan
〒920-0914 17-10 Nishi-Cho-Yonban-Cho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
詳細内容Details Calligraphy is a traditional Japanese culture.
All needed tools are prepared for you. Let's enjoy Kanji writing.
1.Select your favorite word.
2.Practice on paper with brush and ink.
3.Write on a fan.
You can take the completed work back home with you.


1日3回 各1時間程度
11:00~12:00 13:00~14:00 15:00~16:00
対象年齢Qualifying age 不問
体験受付可能時間Operation hour Tel 10:00~16:00
E-mail 24h
アクセス方法Visiting the Place 5 min.walk from [Musashigatuji/Omico-Market} bus stop
「武蔵ケ辻・近江町市場」 バス停 徒歩5分
定員Capacity 1 to 6 people
予約締切Reservation due date Up to 6 people only
キャンセルの場合Cancellation Please contact us when you cansel
関連サイトRelated website 蒼風庵 Sofuan/experience reservation
事業者名Vendor name 蒼風庵
住所Adress 金沢市西町4番丁17番地10
電話番号Phone 076-299-5646
電話受付可能時間Open hours 9:00~17:00
WebサイトWebsite https://www.kanazawa-sofuan.jp
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